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A few promotional highlights from my morning shows

2 yr old Grace Oughton had a rare form of cancer. I donated my 'FACE FOR GRACE'. Wore ads on my face for 56 straight days. Raised $4000.

Ozone's 50/50 - I highlighted a different small biz for 50 days straight. Had 'em on the air, on the web, and full of donuts as I went out to each business with camera in hand. Got some new clients out of this!

Thanks Rod Blogojovich! Auctioned off DJ  'chair' for co-host the for $4500 for Food Bank.

Plus....I Walked 'Naked' for animal shelter; shook hands of 1073 listeners; bowled 98 games in a row for domestic violence victims; bungee jumped from 200' LIVE; did show drunk to raise awareness...and more.

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